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Justice. Service. Integrity.

A Passionate Trial Attorney Committed to
Protecting Your Constitutional Rights

Justice. Service. Integrity.

A Passionate Trial Attorney Committed to
Protecting Our Constitutional Rights

An Experienced Civil Rights and White-Collar Defense Lawyer

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Justice is not a compromise. Nor is it a privilege to be shared only by those who can afford it. Rather, justice is a right to be expected by any person who walks into a courtroom in America, and a right that our judicial system should be prepared to deliver, regardless of the nature of the case, or the race, gender, gender identity, religious or ethnic background, or socio-economic status of the participants. But the reality is that the criminal justice system is, and always has been, a reflection of our society as a whole, with all its biases, prejudices, and flaws. For this reason, fair and just results in our courtrooms, particularly in our criminal courts, are most often hard fought. 

Lawrence S. Middleton is a skilled trial lawyer with a proven willingness to fight for justice, and a proven record of success.

As a federal prosecutor, Lawrence S. Middleton tried more than 50 criminal cases, vindicating the rights of victims of massive fraud schemes that deprived the government of the full benefits of multi-million dollar contracts, and that placed the safety of military service members in jeopardy, official corruption that betrayed public trust and eroded confidence in government institutions, and civil rights abuses that left the residents of entire communities feeling the United States Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection under the law did not apply to them.

On more than twenty occasions, he successfully defended jury verdicts in oral arguments before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Before becoming a prosecutor, Lawrence fought successfully to protect the rights of those accused of crimes in state court, and as a member of the United States Air Force, in military courts martials, including in cases involving fraud, burglary, and drug offenses.

Lawrence S. Middleton’s background as a former federal prosecutor and Criminal Chief of one of the largest United States Attorney’s Offices in the country, as a United States Air Force JAG, and as a state court public defender, has given him a unique understanding of the American judicial system, including the impact it can have on the parties it contacts. It has also given him the experience to know what results best serve the interests of his clients, and the skill and expertise necessary to pursue and achieve those results.

Graduate: University of Virginia School of Law

Bar Membership: California, Virginia

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